Organize your life with Centrallo – Android Guys review

I have had the great fortune to be a beta tester for a service new to Android, Centrallo. Centrallo is a cross platform organization app focused on productivity. You are given a space in which you can create lists within lists within lists. You can have an unlimited number of lists within lists to organize what matters to you.

I have used Centrallo for the past few weeks to organize what I am expected to do for various organizations. It has helped me keep my projects separate and made sure that I completed them on time.

Centrallo is a great solution for a number of different problems. It can help you take those quick notes about things that you are likely to forget, you can organize projects, and you can organize your life. Now let’s look into where Centrallo shines and where it falls short. Here is a look into why Centrallo will remain installed on all of my devices after this review is finished.
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