Centrallo review: The only list-making app you’ll ever need – iMore

Centrallo is a brand new productivity app, and if you spend any time making to do lists I think it will quickly win you over as a fan. While it is designed for making lists, it does a whole lot more as I’ll explain. I’ve been a beta user for the last month, and Centrallo has just come out of public beta today. It’s rock solid and you can start enjoying it for free on Android or iOS today.

What problem does Centrallo solve?

People who care about productivity make lists. Quite often I’m happy to just write some texts as an item on a list. But sometimes I need to record an audio memo, or take a picture, or record a movie. I might want to reference a file in the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive), or a URL from the web. Centrallo makes all of this super easy.

I also need to share my lists with others. I’m in the midst of creating a detailed table of contents for a large project with a business partner. I created one list in Centrallo and shared it with him. My wife created a list of all the “honey do” projects she needs me to take care of at home and shared it with me. My friend described how he used the app to take pictures of a house renovation in progress and share the list with his contractor. Heck, the contractor didn’t even need to have the app because this homeowner just used the Centrallo feature to publish the list online. ….more