Centrallo in Press

20 Apr

Using Centrallo as a Small Business Owner – 5 Ways

As a small business owner, it can be hard to keep track of every aspect of your company.

8 Dec

Description: Centrallo is an Android app, as well as a multi-platform solution, that aims to quite literally centralize your life in one place.

— App Review: Centrallo – Android Headlines

8 Dec

Centrallo is a brand new productivity app, and if you spend any time making to do lists I think it will quickly win you over as a fan.

— Centrallo review: The only list-making app you’ll ever need – iMore

3 Dec

Adds iOS and Android widgets, list sharing, location-based reminders and Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox integration

— Centrallo Launches Global Productivity App to Help People Organize and Prioritize their Lives

19 Nov

One aspect of mobile life that you simply can’t escape is the need to keep your life organized.

— Is Centrallo the new Evernote for Android? – Tech Republic

16 Sep

I have had the great fortune to be a beta tester for a service new to Android, Centrallo. Centrallo is a cross platform organization app focused on productivity.

— Organize your life with Centrallo – Android Guys review