Centrallo in Press

20 Apr

Using Centrallo as a Small Business Owner – 5 Ways

As a small business owner, it can be hard to keep track of every aspect of your company.

15 May

Looking for an Evernote alternative? Centrallo might be what you’re looking for

Updated: I wrote a couple of weeks ago about why I think Evernote is overrated.

3 May

Try Publishing Lists and Notes

Publish your Lists and Notes to Twitter, Facebook, email or your very own, free and private Centrallo web link

21 Apr

Try sharing checklists with friends, family and colleagues

Share checklists with others and see them update in real-time.

25 Mar

Here Is Why This NYC Startup Belongs on Your List of Must have Apps

Apps are supposed to make us more productive, efficient, or make our lives easier, right?

27 Feb

One of the key factors to productivity lies in prioritizing tasks so that you can instantly see which ones need instant attention and which ones can be worked on at leisure.

— Centrallo : Prioritizing Tasks with This Efficient List Builder

20 Feb

Try forwarding links and emails into Centrallo

Forward important links and emails into your Centrallo Inbox.

16 Feb

Centrallo is a productivity tool for anyone who wants to be better organized.

— Startup Centrallo – A Better Way To Organize Your Life

5 Feb

Things are speeding up all the time, and we all need a way to stay better organized and on top of our crazy schedules.

— Centrallo Is Your Central Stop For Seamless Organization

30 Jan

A lot of times, us list makers find ourselves much more disorganized than we intended.

— Centrallo is a List-Lover’s Haven [Interview]