The Guy’s Guide to Staying Organized (And Sane) Over the Holidays

The holidays are a few weeks away, and it’s crunch time. Remember the 2013 Malbec you are supposed to pick up for Christmas Eve dinner? Or the annoying white elephant gift you have a million ideas for? On top of that, don’t forget your 2016 plans must be finalized and submitted to your boss before you leave for holiday break. Not to mention New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and then after New Year’s it’s back to the daily grind. No longer are the days of kicking back with a beer and watching the chaos unfold—everyone is expected to pitch in, including you. But have no fear! We have five tips to keep you ahead of the game this holiday season.

Plan Ahead!

Guys, we know this may not be your strong suit, but trust us on this one. Preparation is key when planning for any major event, and the holidays are no different. This advice may sound cliché, but in the blink of an eye it’s mid-December and you haven’t purchased one present, let alone thought about New Year’s. Ask for wish-lists before Thanksgiving so you can take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday online deals. What’s better than saving money without leaving the couch?

Shop at Places with Free (or Cheap) Gift Wrapping

Ahh, gift wrapping. It can be every guy’s kryptonite, but it doesn’t have to be. There are numerous in-store and online retailers that will wrap your gifts for free, or for pretty cheap. Von Maur does complimentary gift wrapping in-stores and online, while places like Amazon, Macy’s and Target range anywhere from $3.50 to $6.00 for wrapping when ordering online. Or, for the do-it-yourselfers out there, Bed Bath & Beyond offers an in-store gift-wrapping station that provides all the gift-wrapping supplies at no charge. Check out the entire breakdown from Consumer Reports.

Use an Organization App

There are a TON of productivity apps out there, which can make it overwhelming when trying to pick the right one to house all your most important details. Centrallo is a free list app that makes organization a breeze. Make the Holidays simple with Centrallo by providing unlimited note taking, the ability to create a list within a list for layers of extra organization, collaborate on gift ideas by sharing lists privately, and sync lists across all devices in real time (even your Apple watch for easy access to your lists while shopping!) This is an absolute must for Holiday sanity. Download Centrallo for free on the App Store or Google Play today!

Plan Your Workouts Ahead of Time

However hard it may be to get out in the winter weather or find the motivation to workout in December, you’ll be glad you did. According to the New York Times, the average person gains anywhere from 7-10 pounds from Thanksgiving to Christmas. That’s a lot of extra fluff on the dad bod! Create a workout calendar for the entire month of December. It will help hold you accountable, and keep your workouts organized. Not to mention come January 1st, the gym will be packed with the first-of-the-year weight-loss resolution makers. It will be much easier to maintain your normal weight throughout the Holiday season by sticking to a schedule.

Designate a Folder for Receipts

No matter how much thought you put into gift-giving, there’s always someone who is impossible to please. Make sure you keep all of your receipts in one spot, so there’s no question if (and when) something needs to be returned. A lot of stores have very strict return policies, and usually a receipt is mandatory.

We hope these tips help you survive the holiday season like the man you are. Happy Holidays, and make us proud.

 Brought to you by Centrallo