Have a Stress Free Tax Season with Centrallo

Tax season is upon us! 

The key to being stress free during tax season is having control of your organization and preparation.

Here’s how Centrallo can help.


After setting up a free account via the Web, App Store or Google Play, the first step you should take is to make a list called Tax Preparation.  Creating and keeping all your information and notes here will help you centralize everything when it comes time to meet with your accountant.


Notes are a great way to keep track of the documents you’ll need in order to file your taxes. If you have information in your Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive accounts that you’ll need to access, you can easily attach the file link into your notes.   You can also make checklists of any issues you wanted to discuss.  Taxes are easier to manage if you have good records, so it’s important to make notes throughout the year.

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Setting reminders that sync with your calendar helps ensure that you’re not scrambling to gather all of your documents the day before meeting with your accountant.   If you’re filing taxes for a business, setting reminders before the end of each quarter is also helpful.


Have information in emails that you need to share with your accountant?  You can easily send them into your Centrallo account via our powerful (and free) “Forward to Inbox” feature, so that all of your information ends up in your lists and notes.


When all information is collected, easily share your Tax Preparation list with your accountant.

Click here to see what the shared Tax Preparation example list looks like on the web.


Preparing and filing your taxes can be stressful.    But Centrallo can definitely ease some of your pain!

Unfortunately, taxes can cause an emotional toll on many people.  If you’re someone who finds filing their taxes to be a tedious process, don’t worry, there are ways to make it simpler.