Centrallo updates business model – emphasizes notes, not storage

We are pleased to announce an update to our business model after months of power user conversations and market research. Now, 100 notes with unlimited lists and 1GB of storage will come bundled with Free accounts.

As notes run low, subscribers will be encouraged to invite friends to join for free notes or upgrade to the Premium level for $4.99 US per month or $44.99 US per year.

As each new referral joins Centrallo, the referrer will be awarded with 50 free notes. There is no limit on the number of people a user can refer.  Once 10 people have been referred and registered, the referrer will also be awarded with a one-year free subscription to Centrallo Premium that includes unlimited notes, lists and attachment sizes and also 15GB of storage.

“Many prospective and existing users complained that the 100MB free storage bundled with our Free subscription was too small, especially compared to other leading productivity tools at the free level,” says co-founder Michael J. Sher.  “Our model has evolved to the point that storage levels are important but not as important as notes, lists, attachments and the ability to organize, centralize and share account data”.