Centrallo in Press

20 Apr

Using Centrallo as a Small Business Owner – 5 Ways

As a small business owner, it can be hard to keep track of every aspect of your company.

23 Mar

Have a Stress Free Tax Season with Centrallo

Tax season is upon us! 

10 Feb

Note-Taking App – @Centrallo

Earlier this week, I stumbled on Centrallo.com, a web site that suggests it can be an Evernote replacement.

9 Feb

Centrallo útočí na Evernote

Vzhledem k maximální spokojenosti s archivací v Evernote jsem poslední roky přehlížel alternativy.

8 Feb

Quick Look: Centrallo, an Evernote alternative for your productivity needs

Evernote has had a firm foothold on the productivity app market-especially when you consider their deep integration across multiple mobile platforms, in addition to the web.

5 Feb

Centrallo featured on Product Hunt

Ben Tossell – Product Hunt Community Manager

5 Feb

Centrallo, la plataforma que quiere matar a Evernote

Evernote es una excelente plataforma pra guardar notas y recordar el material que vemos a diario, para tomar apuntes, para compartir contenido… aún así sufre de un problema: es bastante complejo para principiantes.

4 Feb

Centrallo 2.0 Global Productivity App Adds Evernote Import Wizard

16 Dec

The Guy’s Guide to Staying Organized (And Sane) Over the Holidays

The holidays are a few weeks away, and it’s crunch time. Remember the 2013 Malbec you are supposed to pick up for Christmas Eve dinner? Or the annoying white elephant gift you have a million ideas for? On top of that, don’t forget your 2016 plans must be finalized and submitted to your boss before you leave for holiday break. Not to mention New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and then after New Year’s it’s back to the daily grind. No longer are the days of kicking back with a beer and watching the chaos unfold—everyone is expected to pitch in, including you. But have no fear! We have five tips to keep you ahead of the game this holiday season.

30 Sep

Centrallo app review: keep yourself organized

An Elegant Experience

The Centrallo app does a great job at offering users an elegant and streamlined experience. The user interface is sleek, modern, and very basic and this is an advantage. Thanks to the design users can seamlessly move through their content and quickly create new notes and lists. The app will sync in real-time across all your devices so you know you’re looking at the latest content, you can tag items so you can find them easily, you can actually create lists within lists, share your lists through email, make use of the built-in calendar, and there is even a voice to text translation feature.